Hero’s Daughter c15

New chapter. Sorry i’m kinda late but I was setting up Translator Aggregator. Honestly I don’t know if i should drop this series as somebody has paid the previous translator (Ebisu) $100 to pick up this series again. I would like to hear your opinion. Please donate generously.

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5 thoughts on “Hero’s Daughter c15

  1. Ebisu’s translations are pretty bad compared to yours so from a purely selfish perspective I’d rather you continue.

    Mm, looks like you’re at the same place as the manga.


  2. Just as “Cake” said, you are good at this, despite being “illiterate iin japanese” as you put it :p
    Anyway, I prefer your work over Ebisu’s, but in the end its up to you.
    (Psst: I hope you continue)


    1. Actually Ebisu’s work is better than I remember, maybe I confused that guy with someone else. It’s just too bad he’s starting from the first chapter.


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